H.R. Giger's Harkonnen Chairs

Currently, the only Harkonnen Chair readily available is the regular, black, 
fiberglass model, without the the crown of triple skulls and arm-rests.

All H.R. Giger Furniture items are open ended-editions, but they are, 
definitely, not mass manufactured. Each chair is hand-made to order, a 
process which requires patience and fine craftsmanship. The two month 
delivery schedule can only be shortened if there is a finished chair almost 
ready to go.

In the new molds which have been made, Giger restored, at the same time, 
certain design details which had been lost over the last 20 years. 
Additionally, metal structural reinforcements have been added inside the 
fiberglass, as well as a new high-gloss finish, and the base has been 
modified for better balance.

Depending on the fluctuation of the monetary exchange rates, the approximate price of the Harkonnen Chair $15,000 plus the cost of shipping. Approximate delivery (anywhere in the world) is two months from the time the order is placed and a 50% deposit is received. The deposit with your order will also guarantee that your price will remain the same even if the exchange rate changes, in the interim.

The second and final payment is required when the finished chair is ready to 
be delivered. From our past experience, we advise that a professional art 
transport company be used for crating and shipping to guarantee the best 

The Capo Harkonnen Capo Chairs, with the triple skulls, in aluminum or black 
fiberglass, featured in the furniture section of the website, are currently 
not available. There are no existing molds to produce them. If there will be 
a serious purchase requests to justify the major expenses involved in making 
new molds, the prices of these chairs will need to be recalculated at today's 
fabrication costs. It is Giger's hope that he will be able to keep their cost 
the same as they were before, $30,000. for the fibeglass, and $50,000. for 
the aluminum chair. 

Photos above:
Gigerís assistant, Megan Rush, sanding the fiberglass Harkonnen Chair to a smooth finish.

For information, and placement of orders for Harkonnen Chairs, and other H.R. Giger furniture, please contact Giger's agent, Leslie Barany, at www.baranyartists.com
or phone: USA (212) 684-2225