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Statement on The Passing Of H.R. Giger

As many of you have heard, “Hans Ruedi” Giger, known to the World as H.R. Giger, passed away in May 2014 at the age of 74. We are absolutely heartbroken over the loss of this loving husband, selfless friend, and supremely talented artist.

He truly was one of a kind, committed to his craft, to his friends and to his family. His warm personality, incredible generosity, and sharp sense of humor, were in stark contrast with the universe he depicted in his art. We would like to express our gratitude to the wonderful tributes that have been written following H.R. Giger’s death. These kind words and appreciation of his artistry continue to nourish and lift our hearts at this most devastating of times, and to know that his art has inspired and entertained so many people is of unimaginable comfort.

As much as Giger shunned the limelight, preferring his work to speak for him, he was greatly appreciative of every compliment he ever received and we know he would be amazed and humbled by the kindness that continues to be the subject of his eulogies. In a career with so many star-studded highlights, it is only natural that many have mentioned his world famous brainchild, ALIEN, since the news broke this morning. It was certainly a creation which Giger prized, much as he took great pride in his collaboration with myriads of music industry and film artists, since he began his glorious journey as a world class painter, sculptor and designer.

Our priority now is to support his wife Carmen Maria Scheifele Giger, and the extended Giger family, and ask that you respect our privacy during this time, so we may mourn the loss of our beloved “Hans Ruedi”.

The H.R. Giger Family

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Collectors and fans, please be forewarned that much of the merchandise sold on eBay using HR Giger's name are fakes, forgeries and cheap imitations in violation of H.R. Giger's copyright. If the exact same item cannot be found on any of the authorized Giger websites or linked from there to a legitimate licensor, it is unlikely to be authentic or created by H.R. Giger.

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