The HR GIGER ROOM in New York City's Limelight (now gone) was a VIP Room 
within the famed nightclub. It was a 3 year installation of Giger's artwork 
which included sculptures, functional furnitures pieces, a same-size digital 
reproduction of  " The Way of the Magician", plus eight other paintings 
displayed as rear-illuminated same-size transparencies. After a successful 
run of three years, in January of 2002, the room was dismantled when the club 
finally closed it its doors.

For further information, please contact Giger's agent, Les Barany.

HRGiger Room Limelight N.Y.C. Press
Giger supervising the installation Shout and Screem Magazine
Summer Preview Party
NYC Tattoo Convention Party
Longshot, Screem and
World of Fandom Party