An Important Message To All Fans:

Advice about emails to the Official Website and Leslie Barany, Mr. Giger's agent. We receive very many of them. The addresses and telephone numbers which can be found on this site are posted to facilitate only the most important and neccessary contact. Eventually, all emails will be read and assigned a priority or non-priority status. Project proposals and interview requests will be responded to. It is a good idea to try and flag our attention in the SUBJECT line. If your important message has not been answered in a reasonable period of time, we suggest you telephone. It is possible that your email is still buried in our daily avalanche. 

A word to students writing papers about Mr. Giger and his artwork. Mr. Giger is very interested in receiving a copy of your final thesis for the archives of the HR Giger Museum. However, he regrets that he does not have the time to offer you his assistance in the writing of it by granting a personal telephone interview. An effort is made to read and eventually respond to all requests for information received by email, but in Giger's opinion, all the neccessary information you might need is available and can be found buried somewhere in his many books. If not, it is probably personal. 

Unsolicited materials sent for Giger's signature, including his books, 
posters, postcards, and photos, even when sent with a self addressed and pre-paid return envelope, is seriously discouraged. Atelier H.R. Giger and its website affiliates and the H.R. Giger Museum, accept no responsibility for the safety or return of unsolicited materials. While Mr. Giger appreciates the sentiments which such gestures express, he regrets that he has neither the time of staff to honor such requests. Atelier H.R. Giger reserves the right to consider all such materials as generous donations for resale at the H.R. Giger Museum. 

Also, it cannot be guaranteed that letters and gifts of artwork, sent for 
Giger, can be read or looked at in a timely manner or that they will be , 
eventually, responded to. The proper place to express your appreciation and support of Giger's artwork is in the pages of our GUESTBOOK which is printed out monthly and sent to Mr. Giger for his reading pleasure. Unsolicited materials are forwarded to Mr. Giger, but only after having been prescreened and found to be of possible interest to him.

Thank you, in advance, for your understanding.